Friday, December 10, 2010

Stick to Your Buns

My friend Karen and I have been talking for a while about baking sticky buns together. The other weekend, I went over to her place and we finally went to work.

Baked goods that involve yeast are often not that hard to make--if you have a good bit of time on your hands. You mix up some stuff with the yeast, then wait an hour for the dough to "proof," or rise. Then you do some more stuff to it and wait another hour. Then you do some more stuff and--guess what? You get the picture.

Today, however, I learned a little trick to make the proofing go faster.  Place your dough in a bowl, then place the bowl in a bowl of warm water.

Whichever way you do it, when you're finally ready to bake, the smell of fresh bread in the oven makes it all worth it.

Click here for a link to the recipe Karen and I used. A few notes:

1. Make extra sour cream filling and spread the inside of the dough with plenty of it.

2. Our dough didn't come together as smoothly as we'd expected, but we went ahead and baked it anyway. Absolutely delicious.

3. I bet these would have been great drizzled with some white icing!

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