Friday, February 4, 2011

One-Year Anniversary!

The Sweet Spot has officially hit the one-year mark!

What does it all mean?

I've found the practice of keeping this blog a meaningful exercise for a number of reasons. First, it's given my life a bit of extra dimension, a place to visit and channel my my penchant for making and baking desserts into words.

It's given me a place to share a bit of myself with others, including my partner Anthony, who takes most of the photographs, my friends and family, my students and co-workers, and people I've never met who've somehow gravitated here.

"But what will you do with it?" some people ask when I say that I keep a dessert blog.

Do?  Nothing as of yet, except indulge in the pleasure it brings me each week.

"How do you stay so thin?" is another question I get.

The answer is that I don't.  These sweets do pack on pounds, and so I'm trying to moderate my intake this year.  One thing that does help, however, is that when I try out new recipes, I like to give away the results immediately, so they aren't lying on the counter at home.  There's no better conversation-starter than, "Hey, I just made this new dessert.  Would you like to try some?"

I've learned a lot about baking in this past year, and I feel more confident in the kitchen than ever, but there's a lot more I want to learn.  I'm particularly determined to master cake-baking, as well as try some complicated desserts I'd have shied away from in the past.

I'd also like to try out some different things on this blog, like adding pictures of the baking process, as I've seen on other blogs I enjoy.

So stay tuned this year.  More delicious desserts to come!

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