Friday, February 25, 2011

Strawberry Cake

photo by Anthony Palatta

The other weekend I was watching Paula Deen make this cake, and it had such a striking pink color, I decided to give her recipe a try. Click here for the recipe.

I usually don't make cakes recipes that start with a mix, which this one does. You take a box of white cake mix, add pureed strawberries, eggs, water, and oil, mix it together and then pour into two cake pans.  Paula had a great trick, which is to drop the pans on your counter several times until all the air bubbles come to the surface, so your cake layers come out more evenly.

After baking the layers, you make a cream cheese frosting by combining the usual suspects (butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar) with pureed strawberries and strawberry extract. I couldn't find any strawberry extract, and I didn't remember until after I made the cake that I have some strawberry liquor I could have used. Maybe next time. The frosting came out great anyway, though I could have used some red food coloring to make it a bit pinker.

I liked the cake, especially in combination with the frosting, but I felt it could have had more strawberry flavor, maybe if I'd added the strawberry liquor or extract to the batter itself. And the color was very pretty. I'm going to start researching some recipes from scratch and see what I turn up.

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