Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blueberry Tarts

I bought some new kitchen equipment, and it's blueberry season:  two very good reason to make blueberry tarts.

First, the kitchen equipment:  a rectangular tart pan and a 4-cup lift and serve tart pan, which you can use to make four mini tarts at once, each with removable bottoms. Unfortunately, I discovered that the removable bottom is the perfect size to fit into the drain of my kitchen sink. I had a devil of a time trying to get it out until Anthony suggested I use a magnet.

Next, blueberry season. It's virtually impossible to screw up any blueberry flavored dessert when it's summertime, and now that blueberries are so cheap, if you do screw up, you can always buy more. I love the grapelike, slightly sour taste of blueberries, especially when they melt into a gooey sauce. Doctored with a dash of cinnamon, some sugar, and lemon zest, they're perfection.

For these tarts, I used a blueberry tart recipe I saw on Martha Stewart's blog. What I like about it is that the blueberries are used in three different ways:  one part gets cooked down into a goo, another part gets folded into the warm goo to partially cook, and the final part is scattered on top as a garnish.

What I didn't like about this recipe was the press-in crust, which was delicious but a pain in the neck to press into my irregularly shaped tart pans. Plus, it kept sticking to my hands and then to my plastic cup measure when I tried to shape it. I'd rather just roll out a crust.

If you're willing to fight sticky buttery crumbs, however, this recipe is definitely a winner!

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