Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Passover Dessert--Hold the Sponge Cake

photo by Anthony Palatta
With Passover comes the perennial dilemma of how to make desserts that A) have no flour or any other bread products and B) taste good.

There's no need to panic, or to resort to sponge cake. Here are a few options:

1.  Try a flourless chocolate cake or flourless cookie like these easy and delicious almendrados (pictures), which used ground up almonds instead of flour.

2.  Make a fruit cobbler, topped with a kosher for passover cake meal based crumble, mixed with butter (or margarine) and sugar.

3.  Make a lemon curd or lime curd (you can substitute margarine for butter). Whip up non-dairy whipped cream topping and fold the curd into the whipped cream to make a lemon or lime mousse. Serve with fruit. Or use as a topping for store-bought kosher for passover pound cake or--gasp--sponge cake.

4. Chocolate bark.  Melt some chocolate in a baking pan, drop nuts or dried fruit, and let it cool, then break into shards. 

5. Vegetarian or dairy-based meal?  Creme brulee!

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