Friday, October 12, 2012

Seven-Layer Cake

all photos by Anthony Palatta

This week, I published an article in Tablet Magazine on how to make seven-layer cake, a traditional Jewish bakery dessert, at home. You can click the link above to read the piece and get the recipe.

Below, I have some step-by-step behind the scenes pictures of how I assembled this cake.

Step one:  After mixing the batter, pour it in a thin layer in a baking pan.

Step Two:  When the cake is cool, split it into seven layers, roughly of equal size.  (You may have one extra.)

Step Three:  Begin assembling the cake on your serving platter, covered in parchment.  Spread thin layer of filling over each layer

Step Four:  After all layers are assembled, cover in chocolate ganache and let set.

Step Five:  Cut open, slice, and serve!  Cake can be stored in fridge.  Just bring it back to room temp before eating.

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  1. Wow, it looks so professional! I'm very impressed!