Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Coco Loco

I've been eyeing this cake for a while, but didn't have occasion to try it until the other week, to mark the end of a fiction class I've been teaching for the Writer's Center.

This baby has three rich coconuty layers sandwiched with a simple cream cheese frosting. It required me to buy coconut in four forms: shredded (unsweetened), chips (unsweetened), milk (unsweetened), and cream of coconut, a rich, heavily sweetened syrup that I could lick off a spoon.  Any recipe calling for cream of coconut is okay in my book.

The recipe comes from Melissa Clark at the New York Times, who got it from a pastry chef named Larissa Raphael, who says she devised it so as "not to overwhelm her customers with sugar."

Yeah right.

This cake is plenty sweet--in the best way. And moist. And tangy. And delicious.  It's an investment of time, but none of the directions are too difficult and they can be done in steps.  The hardest part is simply tracking down all the different types of coconut you need to put it together.

I'd paste the recipe here, but since it's from the Times, I'd better not risk the lawsuit.  Just click here and you'll have it.

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