Monday, December 11, 2017

Annual Holiday Cookie Blowout!

It's that time of year again. The annual holiday cookie extravaganza... This year, I made about 32 kinds of cookies (not counting four additional savory cookies, which were sort of like crackers, actually). The crowd favorites included key lime pie cookies, coffee shots (which were topped with chocolate covered espresso beans), pistachio-cardamom cookies, and pecan tassies. 

Here's the list. Enjoy!  

  1. Lemon bars 
  2. Key lime pie cookies 
  3. Coconut macaroons 
  4. Banana bars 
  5. Lemon-coconut Cookie truffles
  6. Pecan tassies 
  7. Red Velvet cookies 
  8. Apple pie cookies
  9. Spiced shortbread buttons
  10. Biscotti (raspberry filled)
  11. Egg nog cookies
  12. Assorted thumbprints (funfetti, jam-filled, and choco ganache) 
  13. Blueberry pop tarts 
  14. Girl scout thin mints 
  15. Pistachio-cardamom cookies 
  16. Millionaire shortbread 
  17. Peanut butter chocolate swirl
  18. Gingerbread people 
  19. Frosted Sugar 
  20. Wreath shortbread cookies with edible herbs flowers and spices 
  21. Oatmeal lace 
  22. Choco croissant
  23. Candy cane cookies 
  24. Streusel jam cookies 
  25. Coffee shots
  26. Mini chocolate sandwich cookies with caramel filling
  27. Alfajores 
  28. Gingerbread whoopee pies
  29. Cinnamon bun cookies
  30. Mini oreo cookies
  31. Black forest cookies
  32. Brownies (milk chocolate truffle and peppermint)

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